As part of the EU NETLAS project with partner, Applied Optics Group (University of Kent), DTU (the Technical University of Denmark), the OCTLIGHT VCSEL Swept Source was used to demonstrate real-time volumetric in-vivo OCT imaging of the human retina. This marks the first publication of in-vivo retina imaging using our SS-OCT. The AOG and DTU groups were able to acquire fast en-face images using our compact OCT system with an A-scan rate of 800 kHz which due to the sweeping period corresponds to sweeping at 1.6 MHz.

This paper was presented at Photonics West 2023 and you can watch the 10 min conference presentation and read about their findings here: Novel 1.6 MHz swept source for real-time volumetric in-vivo OCT imaging of the human retina.

The image shows OCT images acquired in real-time. a) B-scan OCT image of the retina. b) Confocal image centred on the optic nerve. c) En-face images recorded in sequence at 2 Hz where the image depth was varied. d) En-face 3D volume with depth-colour encoded projection. Adapted from: Grijalva et al. (2023).

OCTLIGHT will be attending Photonics West 2023 and we welcome current and new customer to come and talk to us about our VCSEL Swept Source product and MEMS VCSEL technology which enable ultra-fast imaging.

Our flagship product Caliper-HERO is a true enabler for commercial applications of rapid imaging with its 1.7 MHz sweep rate and efficient data acquisition integration. This opens up new innovative solutions with Medical Applications, Industrial Applications and Lidar.

For improved diagnostics and treatment of eye disease our Caliper-HERO enable imaging of the full eye and/or imaging of the retina in real-time. You can read more about our Opthalmology demonstration of 12×12 mm OCTA imaging.

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SPIE Photonics West Exhibition 31 January-2 February 2023

Spinal stenosis is an age-related disease where progressive narrowing of the spinal canal can result in neck and back pain. About 5 of every 1000 persons older than 50 years have symptoms, and one of the treatment options is a demanding surgery.

OCTLIGHT is involved in a new project as one of the companies on the Project Accompanying Committee. The project “Innovative Therapy of Spinal Stenosis by Laser Ablation under OCT Control” (InTherSteLa) is approved and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) and received 249,832 EUR in funding. The Laser Zentrum Hannover e. V. leads the project, which will take place from 01.09.2022 to 28.02.2025.

This exciting project aims to develop a flexible handpiece that enables high-precision bone removal without endangering deeper tissue layers. The project will combine two techniques to obtain this: bone ablation by a medical laser in live foresight using OCT.

High-speed OCT imaging is required to provide a live preview, and OCTLIGHT Caliper-HERO technology is a viable technology to commercialize this into practice.

OCTLIGHT is honoured to have been awarded the Seal of Excellence by the EIC Jury for its EIC Accelerator project proposal on the commercialization of its VCSEL technology to meet the demands for improved eye health diagnostics. The project aims to bring cost-efficient 3D imaging with clinically required axial resolution and a wide field of view into broad market adoption to benefit billions of people with visual impairment. The project would support the final development, upscaling and demonstration with partners to bring this disruptive technology into the hands of eye care professionals.

The Seal of Excellence is a quality label awarded to project proposals submitted by start-ups and SMEs under Horizon Europe that has undergone review by business domain experts. It provides access to EIC Business Acceleration Services, which facilitate funding from other sources. In addition, when a project has been awarded the Seal of Excellence, the evaluation summary report, the proposal and the Certificate itself are fraud-proofed as they are digitally protected.

The Seal of Excellence is a recommendation for the proposal, which did not receive funding due to budget constraints, to receive funding from other sources.

Read more here: The EIC awarded 160 Seals of Excellence to help innovative companies find funding.

OCTLIGHT will be attending LASER World of Photonics 2022 from the 26th to 29th of April in Munich at Messe München. The main topics at the trade fair are laser systems for industrial production, laser and optoelectronics, optics, sensors, measuring and testing technology, and optical engineering.

OCTLIGHT’s products are applicable in many types of applications. With our Caliper-HERO or Caliper-FLEX laser modules in your OCT scanners, 3D OCT images of the eye can be obtained making medical diagnostics easier and more secure.

Come by our booth to talk about our VCSEL Swept Source products Caliper-HERO and Caliper-FLEX and hear about how they can bring White Light Interferometry (WLI) to new heights by increasing imaging speed and range using coherent detection. Caliper-HERO and Caliper-FLEX can be used for respectively ultra-fast imaging and long imaging range which benefits within multiple application areas such as medical, ophthalmology, industrial, metrology, and LiDAR.

We hope to see you at booth B5.130 to discuss further applications.

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Octlight will be attending Photonics West 2022 from the 25th to the 27th of January in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. We look forward to meet current and new customers to discuss the applications of our VCSEL Swept Sources.

Octlight´s products are applicable in many types of applications. When using Octlight´s ultra-fast Caliper-HERO or Caliper-FLEX laser modules in your OCT scanners, it is possible to take full 3D OCT images of the eye and make medical diagnostics easier and more secure.

Come talk to us about how our MHz A-scan rate Caliper-HERO can help you achieve ultra-fast imaging for applications such as wider field of view Ophthalmic imaging and very fast in-line inspection industrial imaging. You might also be looking at applications that require very long imaging range, our Caliper-FLEX achieve this with the inherently long coherence length of the MEMS-VCSEL technology allowing for mm to meter range micrometer resolution imaging.

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Octlight will be available virtually at Photonics+ Virtual Exhibition and Conference on June 29th and 30th. Join us at our booth here.

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Thor Ersted Ansbæk, CEO of OCTLIGHT, will also be talking about “Fast 3D imaging with MHz swept-source VCSEL” on Wednesday, 30th of June, 13:15 CET. You can join the presentation here.

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Introducing the fastest VCSEL Swept Source to market

Fast 3D imaging with MHz VCSEL Swept Source

OCTLIGHT is extending the Caliper product family with the new Caliper-HERO which is the fastest available scalable solution for 3D OCT imaging on the market. It is based on the truly single-mode wavelength tuning VCSEL technology. The patented Highly Efficient Resonant Oscillator (HEROTM) achieves blazing MHz speeds and single channel acquisition. This pushes the performance that can be achieved in e.g. blood flow imaging, wider field of view imaging and real-time 3D imaging for robotic surgery with a clear path for translation into commercial product benefitting ophthalmologists and patients.

Caliper-HERO is a natural extension of the Eurostars project BLINK which demonstrated MHz imaging stable enough for k-space remapping. In this way the conventional k-clock signal and additional digitizer channel required is avoided. This makes high throughput OCT imaging possible using just a single digitizer acquisition channel and digital signal processing architecture. The BLINK project with partners Prof. Christoph Meyer, Bern University of Applied Sciences and Prof. MD. Lars Michael Larsen, Glostrup Hospital, has provided an excellent starting point demonstrating an MHz SS-OCT setup with state-of-the-art digitizers.

Available to innovators today, ready for scaling up tomorrow

The Caliper-HERO module will be available today with 1.7 MHz A-scan rates and 40-50 nm wavelength tuning range. Based on the Caliper product platform the module has built-in safety features for integration in clinical prototypes and A-scan trigger for synchronization to beam scanners.

The module is ready from lab setups to clinical prototypes. The scalable platform builds on proven VCSEL technology providing a clear path towards commercialization of ultrafast OCT devices.

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We will be present at Photonics West 2021 Digital Forum, March 6-11.

Contact CEO Thor Ansbaek,, to schedule a meeting or to hear more about Caliper-HERO.

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