OCTLIGHT participated in the Danish Tech Challenge 2014 which was an exciting competition where we got to meet a lot of start-ups that are similar to us. The event was a great networking opportunity and we met several possible investors who were interested in our full 3D OCT imaging technology and its potential.

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OCTLIGHT is founded at The Technical University of DTU by Thor Ansbæk, Kresten Yvind and Brian Øland. The aim is to bring innovative technology to help medical doctors in treatment of major healthcare problems. This is based on recently patented technology on Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs)

Thor Ansbæk have been working on the technology in his PhD studies at DTU and lately on the commercialization of the technology through a Proof-of-concept project funded by The Technical University of Denmark and a GAP project funded by Vækstforum. His is currently working as Postdoc at DTU on a project on longer wavelength VCSELs funded by The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation in collaboration with industry.

Kresten Yvind have been working on the technology since his PhD studies. He has been responsible for the installation of the III-V semiconductor equipment at The National Center for Micro- and Nanofabrication, DTU Danchip. He is currently working as Associate Professor at DTU as a group leader of the Nanophotonics Devices group.

Brian Øland have been working with start-ups and team building since his MSc studies in Economics. He is currently CEO of Scandinavian Teambuilding.

OCTLIGHT Founder Thor Ansbæk received the entrepreneur grant from Alexander Foss’ Industrifond for the development of the first prototype of the swept light source.

The Alexander Foss’ Industrifond supports entrepreneurs to develop solutions that are based on novel technology and has commercial potential.

We highly appreciate the recognition from the Foundation which supported several other innovative startups.

Read news in Danish: http://www.electronic-supply.dk/