OCTLIGHT is honored to have been selected as one of the beneficiaries of the EurostarsTM programme with the project “DOCTA”. Read more about the project in:

The DOCTA project involves Wavesense Engineering, OCTLIGHT and the Medical University of Vienna and received funding from the Eurostars-3 Programme – a programme sponsored by the EUREKA member countries and the European Union Horizon for SMEs collaborating on R&D. Together with our partners, the aim is to develop a new OCT platform for use during cataract surgery to improve the outcome of cataract surgery. A multimodal ophthalmic OCT device will be developed based on a novel and patented digital OCT-aberrometry (DOCTA) technique developed by Wavesense Engineering.

The Medical University of Vienna (MUW), the birthplace of OCT research in Europe which continues as the Leitgeb and Drexler group, will support Wavesense Engineering with the R&D of the DOCTA device so that the final device meets the targeted specifications. OCTLIGHT will develop a dual bandwidth phase stable MHz swept source laser (SSL) based on vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) technology that will enable DOCTA device to operate reliably with high precision. As Prof Rainer Leitgeb, associate professor at MUW, states “MUW is excited to support such important medical technology development with our expertise as well as our multidisciplinary environment which we believe crucial for fast translation to the benefit of patients,” 

CEO Thor Ansbæk comments: “This project will not only be an important demonstration of our key enabling technology but will also allow us to further adapt our VCSEL swept source laser to make a cost efficient solution for applications that require phase stabilization. The patented Highly Efficient Resonator Oscillator (HERO) underpins the unique advantages allowing MHz A-scan speeds, single channel acquisition and phase stable operation.