Industrial Applications

Which Industrial Applications Can the VCSEL Swept Source Platform Be Used for?

Although the medical OCT applications are numerous there are equally important industrial applications. Optical metrology and in-line inspection are two examples of non-destructive testing where the non-invasive coherent detection based on VCSEL Swept Source can bring unique benefits in terms of quality control at the speed required.

Tight tolerances in manufacturing are becoming increasingly important. Coordinate measuring machines (CMM) is used in industry to provide tight production tolerances. Optical metrology provides non-touching metrology with sub-micro precision at fast speed. During manufacturing in-line inspection for process, control is also key for high-quality manufacturing. In-line monitoring is implemented in laser welding where it provides better control of important parameters such as seam control and depth control.

3D printing is an emerging manufacturing technology, also known as additive manufacturing, where OCT provides important feedback on surface height, structure, and topography.

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