OCTLIGHT is a Danish company founded in 2014. OCTLIGHT is the first company to develop and begin production of the world’s fastest VCSEL Swept Source for OCT scanners for eye diagnostics based on extensive research at the Technical University of Denmark.

OCTLIGHT supplies the laser module globally to MedTech companies and to other companies who want to create innovation with OCTLIGHT´s technology platform in eye diagnostics or in any other applications where lightning-fast micrometer precision scans are needed at distances from a few mm up to 100 meters.

OCTLIGHT is one of the world´s leading specialists in knowledge of and use of VCSEL Swept Source. The company´s core competences is to ensure optimal interaction between the physical and digital world through a faster and more accurate 3D vision, while creating a more precise interaction between autonomous systems and people.

As a small company we can focus on each customer´s needs, and you will be in direct contact with our highly specialized and competent decision-makers, and employees with a unique specialized knowledge of VCSEL Swept Source technology.