Award Winners of the Tech Tour Photonics 2021

Winnders of Tech Tours Photonics 2021

OCTLIGHT participated in the Tech Tour Photonics Programme. Tech Tour is a selective program where over 90 deep tech companies had the opportunity to present their technologies to potential investors, partners, and customers. The presentations were evaluated by an Expert Jury of VC and corporate investors, as well as Investment Intermediaries in the field.

OCTLIGHT presented its Key Enabling Technology MEMS VCSEL that is available as the Caliper-FLEX and Caliper-HERO for innovators in MedTech, Industrial and Autonomous. With these product new solutions for faster and longer range medical imaging, industrial process control and 3D vision for autonomous systems can be brought to market.

We are delighted to announce that OCTLIGHT was among the top 16 best-scored presentations. This is a huge acknowledgment of, and testament to the competencies and efforts by OCTLIGHT in commercializing the MEMS VCSEL.

We look forward to present again our technology by participating in Future22. Future22 is a World Tour, where OCTLIGHT will present at additional online sessions with a great number of investors, partners, and customers from Europe, the United States, Eastern Asia, Middle East and Western Africa.