Experienced Board of Directors of established

Following the investment from Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation a professional Board of Directors have been established. This has been formed from the informal advisory board consisting of Bent Benemann Bischoff, Jacob Lundgren Philipsen, Andreas Tycho, Jes Broeng and Claus Jørgen Nielsen (DTU).

Gustaf Iuel-Brockdorff will be the new Chairman of The Board of Directors. Gustaf Iuel-Brockdorff is investment director at the innovation incubator SDTI. He has previous experience in sourcing of scientific equipment and patenting. He has previously worked with among others the startup Universal Robots.

Bent Bischoff will be a Board Member. Bent Bischoff has a background in equity financing in London and Denmark. Bent is an active investor in several start-up companies and have been active in CONNECT Denmark, a non-for-profit organisation working with danish growth companies.

Jacob Lundgren Philipsen will be a Board Member. Jacob Philipsen has more than 10 years of executive management experience from high-tech companies within optics, sensors and electronics. He has held CEO and senior management positions in the companies Flux A/S, Sonion A/S, NKT Integration A/S, and Teem Photonics S.A.

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