Bent Benemann Bischoff has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors and will succeed Gustaf Iuel-Brockdorff who will remain in the Board of Directors as representative for the investor Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation. Bent Bischoff has a strong network in the Danish investment scene and have been working with several Danish start-ups in the last […]

We will be present at BIOS 2016 Photonics West 2016 in San Francisco, California, USA. We would love to tell you about our upcoming sampling prototype and discuss your needs. Please fill out this contact form about your availability and we will return to you to schedule a meeting

Following the investment from Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation a professional Board of Directors have been established. This has been formed from the informal advisory board consisting of Bent Benemann Bischoff, Jacob Lundgren Philipsen, Andreas Tycho, Jes Broeng and Claus Jørgen Nielsen (DTU). Gustaf Iuel-Brockdorff will be the new Chairman of The Board of Directors. Gustaf Iuel-Brockdorff […]

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OCTLIGHT has obtained a financing agreement with Danish innovation incubator Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation A/S (SDTI). The Danish Innovation Incubator Scheme provide professional counseling, pre-seed and seed capital for entrepreneurs and new innovative enterprises. The innovation incubators operate at the earliest stage of the investment chain, where venture capitalists and other private investors are reluctant to […]