Meet us at Photonics+ 17-18/2-2021

We will be present at the online event PHOTONICS+ Virtual Exhibition and Conference, in partnership with EPIC, which will be taking place 17-18/2-2021. We look forward to update current customers on our progress and meet new to discuss applications of our OCT Swept Source.

VCSEL OCT Swept Source enable ranging and imaging at millimeter to meter ranges at kHz to MHz repetition rates. For Ophthalmic imaging this enables fast wide-field/angiography imaging of the retina and whole-eye imaging for biometry.

Across the world we have all had to adopt to online communcation. We hope to see you at this opportunity to engange in discussions regarding our VCSEL based Swept Source technology.

Approach us to discuss if you are looking to integrate a small form-factor Swept Source with kHz imaging rate and 25 nm tuning range at 1060 nm in your next project. Available both as benchtop turn-key and module for integration. The module has been tested to CE standards and includes a safety interlock for medical imaging.

At the event you can also hear more about our upcoming module with MHz imaging rate. Go 10X faster and enable new features for your customers.

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