NETLAS project kick-off meeting on the 20th of February

The EU project NETLAS, which officialy began in February, was kicked off with a meeting between the beneficiaries and partners at Kent University in Canterbury the 20th of February 2020.

OCTLIGHT is a partner in the project and will participate with its innovative VCSEL OCT Swept Source technology especially focused on the application of Ophthalmology.

The project is aimed at developing new talents and educating future European industry leaders within the next generation within 12 different technologies. OCTLIGHT will aid as an example of novel optics configurations for tuneable lasers for sensing and imaging.

The institution at which OCTLIGHT’s technology has been developed, the Technical University of Denmark, will be a direct beneficiary of the NETLAS project, among others. We look forward to contributing to this important effort.

Read more about the project on the European Commission website

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