We are delighted to congratulate our CTO Kresten Yvind on his position as Professor of Nanophotonics at The Department of Photonics, Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Kresten will this afternoon give his inaugural lecture at DTU Building 101, Room M1 on the subject of “Nanofabrication of photonic devices for communication and medical diagnostics” – attendance open to all.

This is a fanatastic step for research within the field of nanophotonics as well as the VCSEL technology that is the core of OCTLIGHT products.

Alongside his professorship we are very pleased that co-founder Kresten will continue with his position as CTO. We look forward to continued collaboration with The Technical University of Denmark the coming years.

DTU is ranked as one of the foremost technical universities in Europe being the highest ranked in the Nordics of Reuters Top 100 World’s Most Innovative Universities

OCTLIGHT has for the second time been selected as one of the beneficiaries of the Horizon 2020 EU SME Instrument. Read the official press release here.

With the project “Innovative Swept Source for next generation OCT devices” OCTLIGHT will participate in Phase 1 of the instrument, granting the company €50,000 to be used for exploring and assessing the commercial potential of our technology.

This time around, the project will focus on developing a business plan for our second OCT product line, Ozzy, which utilizes our MEMS-VCSEL technology. The technology is currently being developed in our Eurostars funded project focusing on demonstrating MHz SS-OCT for wide-field Ophthalmic imaging.

The outcome will be a more solid understanding of the technology’s market potential as well as integration with the current market. This will benefit end-customers with an unmatched value proposition for a step change in performance of Ophthalmic imaging.

We are very excited to undergo this project. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more information on our development progress.