OCTLIGHT has built its first prototype for biometry of the eye, which will enable an increase in speed and resolution. The prototype runs at 2-50 kHz with 20 nm tuning range and 10 mW output power.

According to CEO, Thor Ansbæk, “We are very pleased with this first step in the direction of providing an OCT swept source for biometry for the improvement of cataract eye surgery. Having recently demonstrated >50 nm tuning range and 50 kHz sweep rate, we believe this product is highly promising for the next generation of OCT biometry products.”

The prototype has been developed as part of a public funded project supported by The Market Development Fund. According to MD Thomas K. Olsen, “Cataract operations are among the most commonly done surgical operations in the world, and have evolved into a very effective and low-risk procedure. From a precise measurement and calculation of the lens requirements the patient can be relieved from using spectacles.”

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