OCTLIGHT secures funding years ahead upon successful reaching key milestone

OCTLIGHT ApS announces that it has closed an investment round following the successful completion of milestones towards commercializing OCT swept source modules. The funding, which was closed according to plan, will cover the activities of OCTLIGHT over the coming years, focused on development of OCT swept source modules for Ophthalmology as the primary market.

Wavelength tuning range doubled to 52 nm showing path towards goal of 100 nm

OCTLIGHT has achieved significant milestones towards bringing OCT swept source modules to market. The development of the core VCSEL technology continues, with 52 nm wavelength tuning range being achieved so far, and material optimizations underway to increase the wavelength tuning range beyond 100 nm.

The focus of OCTLIGHT will be on preparing for production of OCT swept source modules for biometry, and development of the VCSEL technology to demonstrate OCT swept source modules for retinal imaging with 100 nm tuning range. OCTLIGHT has started a reliability test program on the OCT swept source module for biometry, to document that OCTLIGHT VCSEL technology delivers the same reliability as well-established InGaAs VCSEL technology.

The near term goal will be to bring a OCT swept source for biometry to market

CEO Thor Ansbæk comments on the funding round: “The closing of this funding round is a significant milestone in the history of OCTLIGHT and underlines our investors’ trust in the technology and commercial potential. Following the spin-out from The Technical University of Denmark we have built a world-class team that have reached key development milestones. We will continue our test activities our customers and start the demonstration of reliability and production capacity.

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OCTLIGHT ApS – Established in 2014. Headquarter in Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark. Development and sales of VCSEL enabled swept source technology for Optical Coherence Tomography.

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